Fashion Design

Clothing, bags and accessories

In need of a freelance fashion designer?

Designing women and mens collections, bags and accessoires are just a sample of the things I design. I always start with rough sketches and finish with detailed production drawings. In the past, I have passionately designed several clothing and bag collections for a variety of clients.
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Fotoshoots and events

Looking for a creative stylist?

I can help you style the perfect outfit for any occasion! Anything ranging from the latest trends to a specific look that suits your personal demands. I am convinced there is always a perfect outfit for everybody regardless of shape or size and I would love to help you find it!



Photoshoots and editing

Are you into photography in it’s purest form?

Photography started as a hobby for me and gave me a lot of positive energy. After doing several photo-shoots and receiving many compliments I now even use it professionally.

Do you prefer to see more of my work? Take a look at my portfolio.