Design by Isabel Figlarek
Camera Nikon
Black and white
Brother and sister

Fashion Design  /  Styling  /  Photography

  • Fashion design

    Designing women and mens collections, bags and accessories are just a sample of the things I design. I always start with rough sketches and finish with detailed production drawings. In the past, I have passionately designed several clothing and bag collections for numerous clients in the past. Read more ->

  • Styling

    I can help you style the perfect outfit for any occasion! Anything ranging from the latest trends to a specific look that suits your personal demands. I am convinced there is always a perfect outfit for everybody regardless of shape or size and I would love to help you find it! Read more ->

  • Photography

    Photography started as a hobby for me and gave me a lot of positive energy. After doing several photo-shoots and receiving many compliments I now even use it professionally. Read more ->

“Due to her great sense for style and photography, Isabel is very capable of transferring my thoughts into deeds. She has a natural gift for understanding what people want. Always professional and hard-working, she always gives me positive energy. It is a joy to collaborate with her!”

Wanda de JongInterieur ontwerp en styling - DAG&NACHT

“Isabel worked for Buddha to Buddha as Designer Apparel/Bags, Men & Women Collection. She is a very skillful, talented and dedicated craftswoman. She helped the company establish a solid name in the Dutch apparel market. She has an outstanding personality and contributed to a very positive working climate for everyone.”

Sascha WeilSales en Marketing Director Buddha to Buddha

“Isabel is a very happy and positive women, this makes working together a pleasure. She radiates positive energy and is not afraid to think outside-of-the-box whilst in the process of developing new collections. In a nutshell; she is a very creative person who will provide you with exactly what you want for your freelance assignment”.

Swinda van Dijk en Fleur RubinghByDanie / Danie Bles

“The door at The Sting will always be open for Isabel! Not only has she become a valued stylist within our department, she also has a lovely personality to work with. Her enthusiasm creates great atmosphere within our department”.

The Sting

To see more of my work take a look at my portfolio.

Isabel Figlarek

“People inspire me. And I love to inspire people”
As a child Isabel Figlarek developed her passion for fashion. She has a great drive for designing innovative fashion and styles. Her enthusiasm is contagious and people are very positive about collaborating with her.

– Smile every day –

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